Finger Tapping

Finger tapping refers to the technique used by guitarists when they tap the strings with their fingers to play a note or riff. The concept of finger tapping is simple – set the string into motion by tapping on the string at the frets you want to sound without the use of the plectrum.

Left or Right Handed Tapping

Left or right-handed tapping refers to when the guitarist uses solely his left/right hand to play a riff. An example of this can be heard in “Muse – In Your World“. If you have Guitar Pro, you can download the tab to learn how to play the solo in this song.

You can use whatever fingers feel comfortable for you to play this song, but try to use the left-hand. It’ll help you become more coordinated with your left hand and will increase your finger strength. If you do not have Guitar Pro, a trial version can be downloaded from their site, which will suffice for use with the tab below.

Muse – In Your World tab

Two-Handed Finger Tapping

This is essentially the same thing as above, but using two hands. This is a slightly more difficult technique as you have to coordinate both hands at once. You may well find that timing is a problem when you first try this technique – this problem will disappear with practice as your muscles memorise the movements and also you improve your hand-to-eye coordination.

Many songs can be played using the two-handed finger tapping technique. Here I will use “Daft Punk – Aerodynamic” as an example. A tab and audio clip is provided below so that you can learn the song – again you’ll need Guitar Pro to listen/view it.

Daft Punk – Aerodynamic tab

Listen to two-handed finger tapping:

Where to Put the Plectrum While Tapping

There are many places you can put the plectrum while finger tapping. The pictures below illustrate where you can put the plectrum while finger picking.

Finger tapping

Holding the plectrum as shown above allows you to tap the strings, but also allows quick access to the plectrum when you need it.

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