Guitar Scales

Guitar Scale Reference

Shown below are various guitar scales – click on them to find the guitar scale you want. Please note that the red notes represent the root note of the scale.

Major Scale
Major Pentatonic Scale
Minor Scale
Minor Pentatonic Scale
Harmonic Minor Scale
Melodic Minor Scale
Blues Scale

Why Learn Guitar Scales?

Scales are a fundamental part of music and it’s very important to learn them. Learning guitar scales will help you in various ways, including but not limited to:

  • Improving Finger Dexterity & Strength – Playing scales regularly will help increase your finger dexterity, i.e. faster and more accurate fingering, and also finger strength. This in turn will help you become a better guitarist.
  • Ear Training – By learning scales you will start to memorize various patterns of notes and you will start to be able to recognize what scales are being used.
  • Ability to Improvise & Write Music – With your increased understanding of guitar scales you will start to be able to improvise solos, as well as write your own music.

Practicing Scales

As mentioned previously guitar scales should be practiced as often as possible. It would be ideal to play scales as a warmup before you start playing properly. If you want to do some speed training you could use a metronome. Set it to a slow tempo to begin with and play the scale along to it. Once you have mastered it at that tempo you can start to increase the tempo a little bit at a time, for example by 5bpm. This systematic approach will ensure that you don’t pick up any bad habits.