Augmentation Dots & Tenuto Ties

Augmentation Dots

Augmentation dots

Augmentation dots

The use of augmentation dots is one method of altering the duration of notes. A note with an augmentation dot has a duration of 1.5 times its original value. For example a quarter note is equivalent to the duration of 2 eighth notes. However if an augmentation dot is added to the quarter note, i.e. it has 1.5 times it’s original value, then it would be equivalent to the duration of 3 eighth notes. This is clarified here in figure 12.

Tenuto Ties

Tenuto ties

Tenuto ties

Tenuto ties are another method of altering the duration of a note. Unlike the augmentation dots, tenuto ties are used to combine multiple notes that have the same pitch to achieve the desired note length. Tenuto ties differ in the fact that they are mainly used across barriers, such as across measures as shown below in figure 13.

Note how there are always the equivalent of 4 quarter notes within each measure.

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