Choosing a Guitar Strap

There are a huge variety of guitar straps available on the market today. This article will discuss the various aspects you should think about before choosing a strap for your guitar.


Obviously go for the one that you like the look of. However you should make sure that it doesn’t clash in terms of color with your guitar. A blue guitar with a green strap won’t impress anyone!

Width of Strap

If you play the guitar standing for a long period of time, the strap can start to dig into your shoulders and this can be very uncomfortable. A way to dramatically reduce this problem is by choosing a wide strap. This distributes the weight of the guitar over a larger surface area of your body and therefore reduces the strain.


This isn’t really a problem with most straps but it’s worth pointing out. Make sure that the material that your strap is made of is durable and won’t break within the first couple of month of using it. A guitar strap made of a good material, such as leather, will last you for many years.

Locking Straps

Sometimes normal straps can become worn and detach from the guitar while playing – some of you may know what I am on about. If you have an expensive guitar, or a guitar that is of sentimental value, you should consider investing in getting a locking strap. It often costs slightly more than the standard guitar strap but can be a worthwhile investment depending on your situation.

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