About Guitar Practice

No beginner can pick up a guitar and play a new song at the desired speed without any fault etc… With the guitar (and with almost everything in life), “practice makes perfect”. The saying wouldn’t exist if it weren’t true! So let’s talk about guitar practice.

The guitar is a very difficult instrument to first get into – the use of the left hand, the use of the pick, and timing (being able to press on the correct fret with the required pressure and pluck the string at the same time).

It’s really important to start simple with what you try to play. I would advise that you start with a tune that only uses one string. You don’t have to practice a whole song to start with, just the simple bits. Practice them over and over until you are comfortable with it – you can even practice with your eyes closed like I did; it really helps you get a feel of where particular frets are etc…

If you are finding it difficult to get the hang of the tune you are trying to play, try playing it slower than the actual speed and then gradually increase the speed you play it at. The use of a metronome for this is critical, as discussed in a later topic, using a metronome.

With practice you are constantly getting better even if it doesn’t feel like it so be patient. With time your picking speed and accuracy will increase, as will the speed at which your left hand can move etc…

One thing you do need to keep an eye on is if you’re developing bad habits. If you notice any bad habits, sort them out! If you ignore them and carry on practicing, you’ll only end up reinforcing them, which’ll be much harder to correct later on down the line.

Practicing can be really frustrating at times so it’s really important that you are motivated. One way of insuring this is by trying to learn songs that you really like. Another method is by forming a band, which is my next lesson!

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