Forming a Band

Getting good at playing the guitar requires a lot of practice and commitment. One really good way of increasing your motivation is to form a band. Playing a song you love with other people really creates a new source of satisfaction.

By forming a band you increase your motivation, you improve your sense of rhythm and timing, and you make new friends (band members). Also the rush you get from performing live is indescribable!

But where should you find members? Below I’ll discuss a few of the¬†avenues available:

Friends & Word of Mouth

The obvious place to start is your group of friends. Do any of your friends play the bass, drums, sing etc..? Do you share similar music tastes? Maybe your friend is already in a band, but their guitarist just isn’t up to scratch or lacks the motivation/commitment? These are all possible situations that would provide an ideal opportunity for you.

Even if your direct group of friends aren’t an option, it’s entirely possible that they know someone, so it’s definitely worth asking around.

The great thing about this approach is that you’re more likely to get along with your band members, as they’re already your friends (or at least friends of friends)!

The Internet

The next obvious place to look is the internet. In fact, it may even be the first place the majority of people look!

There are many websites out there to aid you in finding bands/band members:

You can also take a look on Gumtree, or your local forums etc…

Lastly don’t forget to utilise social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+!

Local Music Shop

Another great place to look is within your local music/guitar shops. A lot of shops will have message boards where people can look for bands/band members. If you post something, make sure you leave enough information about yourself. For example:

  • What you play
  • How long you’ve been playing
  • What sort of music you’re into
  • Your availability
  • And of course, your contact details!

You want to give as much information as possible, but obviously keep it concise.

It may also be worth speaking with the staff, in case they know of someone looking for a guitarist too!

Studio/Rehearsal Rooms

Studio/rehearsal rooms are great as this is where a lot of bands will go! Again, see if there’s a place you can post an ad and if not, have a quick chat with the staff to see if they know of anyone.


I personally wouldn’t go down this route, but it’s definitely worth mentioning for completeness.

I’m sure it’s quite self-explanatory, but print out some posters and put them up wherever you think musicians would hang out. It’s all about making people aware of you.

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